Coronavirus Australia update: Melbourne’s hotspot suburbs in lockdown as Victoria struggles to contain outbreak – live news

Residents of 10 postcodes in Melbourne’s north and west have been ordered to stay home from midnight tonight. Follow live

For those asking, if you live around one of the locked down postcodes in Victoria, but are not locked down yourself, yes, you can travel through one of the locked down suburbs to get to where you need to go.

But if you can avoid it, you should.

The foreign affairs minister, Marise Payne, has also released an official statement on China passing new security laws, which will seriously curtail protest action in Hong Kong:

Australia joins many international partners in expressing our deep concern about Beijing’s imposition of a national security law on Hong Kong. This decision to impose the law undermines the “one country two systems” framework and the city’s high degree of autonomy guaranteed in the legally binding Sino-British Joint Declaration and Hong Kong’s Basic Law.

Australia is troubled by the law’s implications for Hong Kong’s judicial independence, and on the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong, both of which underpin the city’s success.

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